Top-notch Lead List Building:

We provide customized B2B lead list building service. Our service includes finding the targeted ( GEO location such as city /state /region /country /continent  / global ) decision maker’s name, designation, email address, contact number, company address, web address, company size, industry, Linkedin profile URL, email validation, email verifying, and many more.

What We Do

Work Format Data:

We provide the following format data (CSV / EXCEL) to deliver our work. Remember, we provide more data, if you need more. 

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What's Included:

How do we collect targeted leads?


We have huge experience to do this job. To use our experience & expertise, we take the help of some tools/software. The following tools, we use to collect the targeted leads.

How do we verify and valudate Email Address?


To validate & verify EVERY EMAIL, we take the help of some tools.

We must validate and verify every email before delivery to you. The delivery rate of our provided email will be 99.99%, if not 100%.

The following tools, we use to validate and verify emails.

Why will you hire us?


You will hire us because we provide highly customized leads (customized only for you as you ordered). We will even tell you the source of our collected leads. You will hire us mainly for following reasons.

How does the lead mining package work?


You will instruct us about your ICP (Ideal Client Profile). We will find the correct data for your ICP so that you can contact them perfectly.

That’s it.

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