Top-notch Appointment Setting:

We run appointment-setting campaigns mainly through a highly strategic cold email campaign. Sometimes, we use cold calling and Linkedin outreach to reach our targeted group. 


We understand that cold email has a poor reputation & you might be one of them who thinks cold email is dead. You may also think that it was one of the best approaches for lead generation & sales in past. But it doesn’t work in the present day.

Fortunately, the reality is different. Cold email is still king in the b2b industry if you can optimize related everything to cold email outreach.

We schedule meetings for you with qualified prospects so you can simply have calls with ICPs who want what you sell.

It gives you more time to focus on what’s more important within your business.

No wasting your valuable time on qualified prospecting and worrying about where the next client will come from.

A cold email is an art form. It demands passion, practice, and time to be a master of this art.

Firstly, you need to set your goal for the cold email campaign & buy enough domains. Then, set-up ESP (SPE, DKIM, DMARC & Forwarding) and integrate your email account with a better email-sending platform. Thirdly, you should ‘wormed-up’ your email account properly so that the email goes directly to the recipient’s inbox (not the spam folder). After that, you need to have well-researched email addresses with enough information about decision-makers to send them a highly personalized email.

 Fifthly, you need to write proven and high-converting multiple headlines for your email campaign. Then, you should have a well-organized strategy for your email sequences. Seventhly, you have to have highly personalized and compelling email copy. Email copy is the key to success in the cold email campaign. Most importantly, you have to provide value and attractive offers to the recipients that they long for.


There are also many things you need to have in your email campaign like creating a no-brainer offer, recognizing the right time to send an email, setting up the right design for cold email, avoiding spam words in copy, and many other things.

Performance-Based & . Service

How many prospects do you reach out to each month?


Answer: This depends client to client (How many appointments do you need per month?), however for the majority of our clients we reach out to 3000-5,000 prospects per month.

How many emails do you send to each prospect?


Answer: We normally send between 4-5 emails to each prospect depending on how many case studies and resources you have available to leverage in our follow-up emails.

What is the payment system for the performance-based appointment setting service?


Answer: Two ways, we can work with you.

1. You will pay for pay per positive reply.

2. You will pay for pay per show.
In the appointment setting package, we will target your ideal B2B client via various channels. When an interested lead says he/she wants to know more / book the meeting, we will pass him/her on to you. 

And you will pay us when he/she replies positively/shows up for the meeting.

N.B. To get started, have to pay a small amount (once) for campaign set-up costs.

How does the top-notch appointment-setting package work?


Answer: We will research the market for you and define ICP. We will find the correct data for your ICP, and contact them via various channels.

We engage in highly personalized B2B conversations and follow up with them on your behalf.

When a lead says he/she is interested in hearing more & book the meeting. we will pass him/her on to you (You will pay us for pay per show)

You or your sales team will simply pick up the meeting & work on closing the deal. That’s Simple. 

Cold email faqs

A cold email is an email message sent to a recipient you have had no personal contact before.

A cold email is one of the most effective marketing techniques for B2B, especially when it comes to lead generation. Use it carefully.

Sending out cold emails is perfectly fine. Cold email experts know how to send out emails and source contacts in a specific way to avoid violating GDPR standards.


This means you must follow the rules and send emails and source contacts in a certain way to avoid getting into trouble with the law.

In short, no. As long as a commercial email message complies with the basic rules and regulations governing emails – namely, GDPR in Europe and CAN-SPAM in the US and Canada – it is not illegal to send an unsolicited email to a previously unknown contact.

While cold emails with a personal touch are more likely to make it into someone’s inbox, the same can't necessarily be said for cold emails without a personal touch. Some of the same rules apply to both categories of email, but others don’t.

The answer is no. There is a big difference between a properly crafted cold email and spam.

If you follow the rules, no. Cold emailing is not against the law, and your cold emails don’t need to be properly targeted. But GDPR means that you can’t send emails to anyone unless they gave you their permission, and you need to prove that you had a good reason to believe that the emails you send are relevant to them.

Once again, no, as long as you make sure that your emails meet its provisions.


The best way to avoid spamming is to know what the laws are that apply and follow them scrupulously, so you’re not taken for a ride.

A cold email is just a term used to describe considered and strategic emails that are sent with the intention of, at some point, making a conversion.


They are good for selling a product or service very efficiently.


Cold email marketing campaigns are rarely effective when used in a vacuum. They are often part of a larger digital marketing strategy, which often offers a great return on investment.


Cold email marketing is a vital part of a successful sales funnel, so if you’re looking to take your business to the next level, then a cold email agency will be your best bet.

“We” would be lying if we said no. We’ve written dozens of these articles, watched videos, and tried (and failed) lots of them.

The truth is that none of those templates work, but crafting a great cold email is quite an art. Crafting an effective cold email requires finesse and creativity.

It's ideal, yes. You must research the person you are trying to connect with so that you can personalize your copy to meet their needs.

When a cold email campaign fails, it is usually because the sender tried to send the same message to 50 people at the same time. Cold email doesn't work that way for lead generation.

We’ve used several great tools to check the validity of all the email addresses we use.

This is an extremely important step. We don't skip on it.

Yes, We can. If your domain has a bad reputation, we have to set up new domains to send cold emails from, so that they don't get banned by the chosen email provider, and also make sure that they are properly warmed up.

Yes, you can. Fill up the form (we will contact you). we look forward to talking to you!

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